Itron's A Series Large Diaphragm Meters :  The larger members of the "A"-series combine accuracy and long life in a compact meter. Thanks to modern engineering and production techniques, the Actaris 1000A, for example, weighs 28 percent less than our previous 1000- class meter. 

Its height has been cut by 29 percent, creating a leaner, tighter meter. This new smaller size adds up to big advantages in easier shipping, handling and installation ? at just 19" (483mm) from base to hub, these meters can be applied wherever capacities of 675-1000 ft3/hr (18- 28m3/hr) are needed. With the size reduction, all Itron 800A and 1000A meters will retrofit into any of your current meter sets.
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itron's 400A meter  is the most compact and lightweight 400-class meter on the market today. Maintaining the use of a wearless orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and lubrication-free bearings, the 400A delivers maximum initial and sustained accuracy. 

Itron "A" Series meters give you the physical size you need, without compromising our tradition for highly accurate meters that are a good value. This customer-driven design makes for easier handling in the shop and the field. The "A" Series retrofits to any meter set within its capacity range, eliminating the need for "installation specific" meter inventory
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Itron Domestic Meter Metris 250 The METRIS meter is uniquely constructed to give utilities the edge they need in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. The METRIS offers three versions that provide greater flexibility for your metering needs. The unique modular design of the METRIS offers the advantage of complete customization to fit individual installation needs. 

In addition, due to inventory and manufacturing enhancements provided by modularity, this invaluable flexibility can also be delivered with unparalleled speed and scheduling dependability
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